Prices and tickets

contactless fares

Cash is no longer accepted on the buses. The Town Terminus Shop continues to be able to accept cash.

Contactless debit and credit cards (those you tap to pay) can be used on the bus.

Those with mobility difficulties who do not have contactless payment methods or puffinpass and many find it difficult to visit the Town Terminus Shop are asked to call 700456. 

standard journey fare

A fare of £1 applies to all A-B journeys on all daytime routes, when paying by contactless card.

non standard journey fare

An example of a non-standard journey is to circumnavigate the island by Route 91 or 92, for which a Day Pass needs to bought for £5. The start and return of this journey will be in St Peter Port (journey time of around 1 hour 40 minutes). The Day Pass can also be used for other daytime services. No other passes permit this non-standard trip.

night services

All passengers, including children pay a flat fare of £3.00 as a contactless payment or as a deduction from an orange PAYG puffinpass.

buying your ticket

You can get tickets on the bus or at The Town Terminus Shop. 7 day passes are also available from the Guernsey Tourist Information Centre and Guernsey Airport.

travel passes

Our range of unlimited travel passes, introduced on 12 May 2013, are great for exploring all Guernsey has to offer

One day pass: £5 (permits round island trip on R91 or R92)

Two day pass: £8.50

Seven day pass: £16.00

Family One day pass: £10

Family Two day pass: £17

Family Seven day pass: £38.00

Family passes allow unlimited travel for up to two adults and up to three children up to 16 years old travelling together.

discounted fares for regular travellers

In November 2015 puffinpass was launched. The first product available is the Pay As You Go card. This is initially bought from the Town Terminus Shop for £5, with top-ups possible in multiples of £5.

Journeys on the puffinpass cost 65p in the day and £3.00 for Friday and Saturday Nightbus.

From Saturday June 20 2015 the Ormer card products were discontinued. An exchange programme followed for a year. Exchange is no longer possible of the old style Ormer card.

You can find out more about the range of products by calling 01481 700456. The full terms and conditions for the puffinpass here.

free travel for Guernsey residents over 65

From January 2021, passengers over 65 will need a puffinpass for their free day-time travel.

Applications, including taking the photo are processed at the Town Terminus Shop.

The pass costs £2.50 and has a 15 year validity (On expiry a new application is required).

Please note that other forms of identification will no longer be accepted after 31st October 2020.

These concession passengers may also use the round island service for free, if they wish to do so.

travel for young people

Children under 5 years of age can travel free of charge when accompanied by a responsible person.

Children in full time education can apply for a student puffinpass, giving free independent travel on all routes, except the Friday and Saturday Nightbus and non-standard journeys.

Our full terms and conditions of carriage can be found here.