Exchanges of the old style Ormer cards will no longer be possible after 30 June 2016. These were withdrawn from use in July 2015 and replaced by the puffinpass and student puffinpass. Many were able to exchange their Ormer cards before July 2015 either at the Kiosk or during parish visits that took place across the island.

The student puffinpass has seen free travel introduced for all students, all year round including weekends and school holidays. The puffinpass family continues to grow, assisted by the online puffinpass shop which opened 27 April 2016.

If you still have an Ormer card and would like to exchange it for credit, please take it to the office at Les Banques. The office is open from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. The last day for Ormer cards to be exchanged is 30 June 2016.