This page provides information on road closures and diversions that are affecting Guernsey’s buses.

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New Road, Forest (25 June - 13 July) Includes School Notes

New Road (25 June - 13 July)
Affects Bus Routes: 71, 91, 92, 93, 94.

Diversion route: Inbound
92,93 and 71(PM): Turn at Imperial – Route de La Lague – Route du Coudre – Route Sages – Rue de L’Eglise – Les Buttes – Rue de Brehaut – Route de Plaisance – Route de Farras – Back on route.(71 up Route du Coudre.

91, 94 and 71(AM): La Route de Farras – Rue de Fosses – Back on route.


Grammar 5B will divert from the Imperial - using Coudre to stay inland. Back on Route at Rue des Landes.

Missing out: Route de Pleinmont - Route des Laurens - Rue du Manoir and Rue de la Villiaze.

Vale Road (25 - 29 June)

Vale Road (25 - 29 June)
Bus Route Affected: 21

Inbound: La Route du Braye – Vale Avenue – The Bridge – South Quay – Les Grandes Maisons Road – Les Bas Courtils Road – Back on route.

Les Bas Courtils Road – Les Grandes Maisons Road – New Road – The Bridge – Vale Avenue – La Route du Braye – Route Militaire – Back on route.

Rue du Pre (25 June - 8 July) Includes School Notes

Rue du Pre (25 June - 8 July)
Affects Bus Routes: P2, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95

Diversion route: Inbound:
(Colborne Road P2 only) – Val Des Terres – South Esplanade – back on route

South Esplanade – Val Des Terres – (Colborne Road P2 only) – back on route

School Notes:

School buses affected: LMDC 6A, 6B and Beaucamps 3B.

LMDC 6A: will use Val des Terres and Colborne Road. Missing out: Fountain St - Charroterie.

LMDC 6B: will use Colborne Road and Val des Terres. Missing out Charroterie - Fountain St.

Beaucamps 3B will use Val des Terres. Missing out Colborne Rd - Charroterie - Fountain St.

Landes du Marche (25 - 26 June) Includes School Notes

Landes du Marche (25 - 26 June)
Affects Bus Route: P2.

Diversion route: Inbound:
Les Baissieres – Les Ozouets – Collings Road – La Couture – Route de La Ramee – Longue Rue – Back on route.

Longue Rue – Route de La Ramee – La Couture – Collings Road – Les Ozouets Road – Les Baissieres – Back on route.

School Notes:

School Buses Affected: Grammar 1A, 1B, 2B, 7B.

Grammar 1A: Will use Longue Rue - La Couture - Collings Road - Les Ozouets - Les Baissieres. Missing out: Landes du Marche and Rue de Friquet.

Grammar 1B, 2B and 7B: Will use Les Ozouts - Collings Road - Route de la Ramee - Longue Rue - Back on Route. Missing out: Le Friquet and Landes du Marche.

Port Soif Lane (25 - 26 June)

Port Soif Lane (25 - 26 June)
Affects Bus Route: 41.

Diversion route: Inbound: None.

Les Grandes Rocques Road – Back on route.